100 Days of Strong Female Characters

For this year’s 100 Day Project I felt it was time to recognize the Strong Female Characters we have created. These are the women and girls who have fought again persecution, who have stood up for themselves, who are true to themselves, who have earned our respect, and who have proved themselves equal to or greater than their male counterparts. They’re not always perfect, sometimes they’re evil, but these are women who are worth remembering.

But most of all, these are the characters who have inspired me and encouraged me everyday throughout my life. These are the characters I’ve loved and lost. They’ve showed me that I can be a strong female too.

All of these original drawings are currently on sale on my Etsy shop. Shop here: www.etsy.com/shop/ckornacki

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Signing with Jim

Last year I worked on an educational book called Signing with Jim for Heinemann. It's the true story about a boy with down syndrome and uses hear aids to help him hear. When he transfers schools he has a hard time fitting in, because of his hearing issues. Instead of giving up, he decided to teach the other students sign language and gained many new friends along the way. It was a pleasure working on this sweet story and sharing Jim's courageous journey.

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