My Process

Here's a chance to see one of my paintings from start to finish. As a realistic illustrator, every step in my process is essential to bringing my illustrations to life. This solid foundation ensures that by the time I start painting, everything is already figured out. Then all I have to worry about is finishing the painting!



"Girl's Best Friend" Oil Painting Timelapse

Here's a timelapse video of me painting of one of my Alaska inspired paintings. 
"Girl's Best Friend", 15" x 23", oil on panel.

Read more about my process for this painting on my blog, here

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Wily Oil Painting Timelapse

Watch one of my oil paintings come together from start to finish in this complete timelapse video of the cover for Wily, The Canine Pandemic by Michelle Weidenbenner!

Read more about my process for this painting on my blog, here. 

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Sketch Transfer Timelapse

Before I begin painting, I use a method to glue my printed sketches onto their boards. This is a brief timelapse video of the process. 

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Making of "The Sparkle Egg"

For more behind-the scenes peeks, here's my first ever video showcasing the making of my latest children's book, "The Sparkle Egg". Covering five months of references, sketches, and painting this is merely a glimpse of my entire process from beginning to end.

Written by Jill Hardie
Illustrated by Christine Kornacki
Published by Ideals Children's Books, February 2014

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