3x3 International Picture Book Show No.13

I just found out that out my entire "Forest" series has been chosen by the 3x3 International Picture Book Show No. 13 as an Honorable Mention in the unpublished category! I created this series as part of a children's book story that I wrote and illustrated. Congratulations to all the other amazing winners.

My pieces will be featured in their online gallery.

Kornacki_The Forest
Kornacki_Down the Path
3x3 no. 13

3x3 Picture Book Show No.13

Our show is considered to be one of the top three international shows for illustration. Unlike other shows we look beyond our borders as well to invite illustrators from all over the world. Our international panel of judges are some of the top design directors, art directors, graphic designers, editors and illustrators working today. 

Were looking for fresh ideas that enlarge the scope of illustration, further our cause of making illustration relevant among a much larger group of art directors and art buyers. We’re looking for images that engage us, that make us think, that make us appreciate more fully the craft of illustration. We are looking for the next big thing that propels the industry forward, we are not looking backwards, we’re looking to the future. We’re celebrating those image-makers that are either on the brink of greatness or those who continue to prove themselves year after year.

Our Judges were invited by Show Chair James Yang. The judges for the Picture Book Show are: Paul Buckley, art director, Penguin; Hendrik Helligel, editor, Gestalten Verlag, Germany; Isabelle De Cat, art director, Penguin, United Kingdom; Ben Newman, illustrator, United Kingdom; Maria Carluccio, illustrator.


Source: http://3x3mag.com/shows/picturebook-shows/no-13-picture-book-show-winners